Fluid Mechanics section : Experiments like calibration of various flow measuring devices, measurement of flow characteristics through pipes, orifices, and various notches, Reynolds experiment, Chezys experiment, Plug Sluice, etc. are conducted in this section.

Fluid Machines section : Students are exposed to technical aspects of Hydraulic turbines such as Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine, and Pelton Wheel, and Pumps such as Centrifugal pump, Self-priming pump, Reciprocating pump, Gear pump, Hydraulic ram, etc. besides doing experiments to analyse the performance characteristics of these machines. This is one of the best Hydraulics lab facilities in the state of Kerala.
Floor area – 680 m2


Fitting and Carpentry (Floor area – 300 sq m) : In the fitting section, students practice making metallic joints and shapes by filing and cutting metal specimens. In the carpentry section, students undergo training in making wooden joints and shapes. Fitting shops include instruments like Bench Grinding machines, Bench Drill, Chop Saw, etc. Carpentry shops include instruments like Circular Saw, Universal WoodWorking Lathe, WoodWorking Lathes, etc.

Foundry and Smithy (Floor area – 420 sq m) : In the foundry section, students practice making sand moulds which enable the casting of metal. A welding section is also here where students practice welding. MIG welding apparatus is provided here.
In the smithy section, students are trained to make different metal shapes like bolt head, nut, etc., by heating the specimen in the furnace and forging it on the anvil.

Machine Shop - I (Machine Tools Lab) (Floor area – 470 sq m) : In Machine Shop-I, students develop their working skills and study metal cutting principles in machine tools like Lathe, Drilling machines, etc. Students are also acquainted with various measurement devices and study standards of measurements in metrology.

CNC Laboratory : Machine shop – I also include the CNC laboratory. It is designed according to the state of the art technology and offers training on the CNC Trainer lathe and 3 axis Milling Machine.

Machine Shop II (Advanced Machine Tools Lab) (Floor area –250 sq m) : In Machine shop-II students develop their skills in making working models through operations like milling, slotting, shaping, grinding, and planning. This lab comprises several machine tools like Milling machines (Universal and Vertical), Slotting machines, Shaping machines, grinding machines (Surface grinding machine, Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine, and Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder), and Planning machines.

Mechanical Measurements Laboratory

This lab comprises many important types of equipment like Toolmakers microscope, Autocollimator, Pneumatic Comparator, Stroboscope, Deadweight pressure gauge tester, Planimeter, LVDT Apparatus, Vernier Height Gauge, Metallurgical Optical Microscope, Surface Plate, Profile Projector, etc.
Sophisticated precision measuring instruments like Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine and Form Measurement Machine are also included.

Heat Engines Laboratory

Laboratory 1 (Heat Engines) : This lab comprises heat engines like Fiat Petrol Engine, Kirloskar Diesel Engine, Ruston Diesel Engine, Textool 4 Stroke Diesel Engine, Textool 2 Stroke Diesel Engine, etc. Latest machines like VCR-CRDI Engine Test Rig, VCR-Multi Fuel Test Rig, and LPG/CNG Gas Kit Test Rig are also included.

Laboratory 2 (Mechanical Machines) : Performance analysis of machines like Air Compressor, Blower, Refrigeration Plant, Airconditioning Plant, Vibration Lab, Whirling of Shaft, Motorised Gyroscope, Universal Governor Apparatus, etc. are conducted by the students.

Laboratory 3 (Heat Transfer) : In this lab, students can do experiments on apparatuses like Natural Convection, Forced Convection, Emissivity, Stefan Boltzman, Composite Walls, Critical Heat Flux Apparatus, etc.

CADD Laboratory : Computer aided design and drafting is an essential industrial requirement as a part of technological development. The department has a well-equipped computer laboratory with advanced CAD softwares such as ProE, ANSYS, AutoCAD, STAAD Pro etc.