The IPR cell was established in the college in 2011. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) play a key role in gaining an advantageous position in the technological world. Technological developments in the 21st century have transformed the majority of wealth-creating work from physical to knowledge-based. The major challenge before the organizations in the coming years is to create a culture of IPR regime so that creative work and innovations are protected. This can be achieved by creating a stringent IPR regime. The engineering colleges in the state are the treasure house of intellectual resources. A lot of innovative ideas, inventions, and technologies are coming out of engineering colleges. However, due to a lack of awareness of IPR, many of these inventions are not patented. The cell has been organizing several IPR awareness seminars about the significance of IPR among the student community. The cell provides necessary guidance to the students and faculty members to patent their valuable inventions. The cell has identified innovative students and faculty projects for applying for patents.

List of Patents