Mentor Mentee Policy


Ensure overall development of students through constant personal guidance and motivation. At the time of admission, a Faculty Advisor is appointed by the Principal for each class who acts as the chief mentor of the class for the entire duration of the course. In addition to this, each student will be assigned by the Head of the Department to a mentor faculty to provide individual attention.

Faculty Advisor as Chief Mentor

Faculty advisor should meet the students as and when required and help them in their day- to-day activities in the campus. All requests and needs of the students are forwarded only through the faculty advisor and they act as the single point contact for any issues related to the class. Faculty advisors also keep constant touch with the parents through PTA and update them regarding their ward’s performance. Class committee meetings are also conducted two to three times in a semester with teachers handling the subjects and student representatives for discussing and solving various issues faced by students.

Mentor Faculty

A mentor can be in-charge of 15 to 20 students to attend their personal problems and to provide guidance to improve their overall performance. Mentors are appointed by the respective Head of the Department for each academic year. The ratio of Mentor to Mentee is decided by the HOD according to the number of faculty members and students available in that department. Private records are maintained by the mentor regarding each of their mentee students. These records will include the details of the sessions with their mentees and the issues discussed. Frequency of Mentor-Mentee meetings can be decided mutually by faculty and the respective student. Mentoring provides an opportunity for students to discuss their various issues and get it solved through the experienced mentors. Mentoring practice also complements the Faculty Advisor guidance system to provide a holistic support system for students.