NSS Award The college has four NSS units (Nos. 117, 118, 577 and 578) under the Directorate of Technical Education, Kerala.
Ours is the land of Cultural and Historic Legacy. It was home to two of the earliest civilisations on earth. It is the land of religious fraternity and cultural richness, right from the days of Emperor Akbar, or even earlier.
But it has been plagued with problems like poverty, alcoholism, corruption, child abuse, calamities, and the like. It is replete with issues that, in spite of our natural and human resources, keep us from building a so called developed Nation. What we need are the instruments of social change, Technocrats and Social Engineers. It is indeed the Need of the Hour, to mould a generation, aware of the problems that the society face, and keen to work diligently in the process of Nation Building.

The NSS units of MACE strive to achieve exactly this: to mould a generation of efficient and hard working Social Engineers. It is one of the most active units under the NSS Technical Cell, Kerala. NSS-MACE received IMA-GCDA award for maximum blood donation, Jeevadhayani award for the preparation of online blood donors directory and many other appreciation awards. It has carried out all the calendar activities in a very enthusiastic fashion and has undertaken many other activities, envisioned by the Programme Officers and volunteer Secretaries. There has been a remarkable positive change in the attitude of the students, as a result of the meticulous training process initiated by the NSS. It has helped the students to bring in some principles and philosophies in their lives, to help them become mature and enlightened citizens.

The Home for Homeless project is the one which NSS-MACE spend most energy and money on, in many years. It has been a colossal task, the completion of the house construction, but the magic of dedication helped us realise it. The Punarjani project, Ojas(Energy Auditing and Management), SwatchhBharath, My Tree Challenge to fight Global warming, blood donation drives, e-literacy programme, skill development programmes like the domestic appliances repairing and maintenance workshop, have all been model programmes, that made the volunteers realise how meaningful community service cum self-development is.

Events like the cultural and sports meet for the blind, and Punarjani have helped the volunteers to interact and mingle with the laymen and with differently abled people, instilling in them, the basic lessons of love and compassion. Projects like the Punarjani and home for homeless has saved lakhs of rupees for the government, while projects like the Ojas has helped increase energy efficiency in the college, along with enhancing the technical knowledge of the students.

National and State Award for NSS

Our college is selected and awarded as the best NSS unit of Kerala state directorate level for 2016. We also obtained Indhira Ghandhi NSS National award for best NSS unit, programme officer and volunteer for the same year. The national award was presented to the Principal from Honorable President of India Sri Pranab Kumar Mukkarji at Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 19/11/16. The President also awarded Dr. Jai M. Paul as best NSS Programme officer and Miss. Sariga P. Anand (Final Year B.Tech Student) as the best NSS Volunteer