IEEE SB Initiatives

  • Boot Camp
    Boot Camp is an initiative brought by the Skill Development Committee of IEEE MACE SB to develop and promote technical skills among students, especially freshers. The first edition of the Bootcamp comprised four tracks - Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Web Development, and App Development. The second edition was conducted in association with IEEE CS SBC MACE and IEEE RAS SBC MACE. Mentoring was provided in Graphic Designing, Robotics, Web Development, and Video Editing. The participants found the sessions effective, informative, and interactive. The initiative is thought to be continued in upcoming years.
  • Skill Flare
    In collaboration with the Skill Development team, IEEE WIE AG MACE initiated 'Skill flare,' a 2-month Coding cum soft skills development program. This girls-only program focused on coding with C++ and soft skill development through various competitions, including debates, jams, and extempore. The second edition of Skill Flare aimed at providing Flutter Training to equip the participants with the knowledge and skillset required in flutter development.
  • Spotlight
    IEEE MACE SB initiated an event- SPOTLIGHT exclusively for MACEians. This event is aimed to connect students to various scholarships, hackathons, and internship opportunities available. This is conducted through a monthly Email Newsletter and a WhatsApp channel. This initiative ensures that none of the members misses any potential opportunities offered by IEEE.
  • Work with me
    The Work With Me series had its kickstart with a session on 3D modeling. Handled by MACE Alumni, the session introduced the participants to the world of 3D modeling. A 3D model itself was built outlive. The second session on Web Development focused on teaching the basics of Web development to those who enrolled for this. The session covered the basics of HTML, CSS and an overall idea of how things work. The third session in the Work With Me series centered on "Version Control Using Git." The session mainly focused on the basics of Git and GitHub, a topic relevant to students in the current situation and coming future. It helped us familiarize ourselves with some topics that are usually difficult to learn independently.
  • Level up
    Level Up is a workshop series focused on providing industrial training to students. As part of Level Up, IEEE IAS SBC MACE and IEEE MACE SB organized a one-day hands-on workshop on Tinkercad. The workshop aimed to provide the fundamentals of Tinkercad with hands-on practice. The basics of Arduino were described, 3D modeling of a bot was demonstrated on Tinkercad, and Circuit simulation of a keypad Lock System was also manifested. The series also includes a hands-on workshop on Introduction to PCB designing conducted by IEEE ComSoc SBC MACE. The software was demonstrated and explained by our student volunteers.
  • Let’s Code
    For all coding enthusiasts, entirely ready to challenge their coding skills and master them for future endeavors, as a part of Coderim, a study series on coding, Let's Code, was conducted in collaboration with IEEE MACE SBC. The long-term study series started to increase the coding culture among students and help them tackle higher-level coding problems. Let’s code -season 2 was initiated by IEEE CS SBC MACE to make them experts at competitive coding. It was not merely a competition but an excellent opportunity that gave exposure to every participant to compete, learn and enhance their programming skills.
  • Macathon
    MACATHON is an online coding competition series organized at the college level by the IEEE Computer Society of IEEE MACE SB. The coding competition aims to awaken creativity among coding enthusiasts and boost their problem-solving skills. The competition series would be continued throughout the year periodically for the students of MACE and aims to prepare students for IEEEXtreme.
  • Tvastra
    Tvastra is a three-week online design project Bootcamp initiated by IEEE IAS SBC MACE for aspiring innovators to take their ideas into life. The tracks for the design project included Healthcare and Safety, Renewable Energy, and Humanitarian. It is a rigorous and immersive learning experience where they build the foundations of a venture. As part of Tvastra, a project demonstration session was organized to provide insight into building a project, the applications, usefulness, and feasibility. The event, continuing, is undoubtedly a platform to manifest cutting-edge ideas.
  • H-ware
    H-ware is a two-phase event primarily planned to find and train potential students in project design and development. The event would provide guidance and support to teams with creative and innovative ideas to participate in various student competitions conducted by IEEE. This would let them have global exposure and experience in the arena of competitions.
  • Robotrack
    Robo-track is a special track of .hack(); 2022 intended to showcase robotic enthusiasts' capabilities and technical skills in solving real-life problems prevailing in society. Students will come together to identify problems, offer and share ideas and innovative solutions, meet fellow robotics enthusiasts, and build and exhibit their robotic creations during the event. Robotrack was initiated with two main objectives. The former is an initiation of a community for robotics under IEEE RAS SBC, dedicated to creating a sustained learning atmosphere for robotics and related topics. The latter is to train students to build projects based on robotics and automation and to make them capable of competing in global competitions.

IEEE MACE SB has always been responsible for carrying out and supporting impactful humanitarian technology and sustainable development activities at the local level. We have been detrimental in developing socially relevant projects and providing mentorship to guide innovative young talents in their humanitarian endeavors. As part of IEEE Day celebrations, we organized a workshop, DIY LED, on making a led bulb at home. Such initiatives inspire the student members to learn and innovate humanitarian and sustainable projects. Our Student Branch observes World Environment Day every year. It conducts a diverse range of competitions and webinars to raise awareness of the importance of humanitarian technology for sustainable development.

  • Know your Industry
    IEEE WIE AG MACE, in association with INSIDEMACE, organized a series of interviews with the initiative to help understand the different job positions and the nature of work they hold. In these sessions, the guest clarified all the questions regarding various job positions and their work from the experts themselves. This initiative aims to help students better understand the industry and its requirements. These sessions were streamed through the SB YouTube channel on a biweekly basis.
  • SPAAM (Student Professional Awareness Program)
    A month-long event that focuses on helping students develop professional awareness, organized in collaboration with IEEE Students. SPAAM comprises a series of webinars and competitions that helps students build their soft skills. Top-level professionals from the industry handled the sessions.
  • Student to Professional Talks
    Student to Professional is a series of talk sessions to bridge the gap between students and industries. The talk series is organized every month by the IEEE PES SBC, with key speakers from various sectors of industry and different parts of the world coming into direct interaction with the students. The learning and exposure from highly successful professionals and their experiences are exalting.
  • Future Eyes
    Future Eyes is a series of webinars initiated by the skill development committee of IEEE MACE SB to give students awareness about various scholarships, professions, and future studies. Speakers from diverse backgrounds give insights to students about the topics.